Beautiful Bespoke Wedding Gifts That Are One of a Kind

AUTHOR: Allie Hartford

Wedding Gift Ideas That Can Be Tailored To Your Personal Taste

We live in a world where most of the products in our homes are mass manufactured. Our growing population has an insatiable appetite to buy more goods of a dubious quality from huge factories overseas. While this might suit some every day disposable purchases – clothing or plastic kitchenware for example - when it comes to special occasion purchases like wedding gifts, something about this trend doesn’t seem quite right.

Wedding gifts celebrate the most important day of our lives, so the quality of your wedding gifts should reflect this. It is a time where you should think of one-of-a-kind wedding gift ideas for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion; truly personal, bespoke wedding gifts that can be customised to you and your partner’s particular tastes to provide an everlasting happy reminder of your amazing day.

If you arrange a wedding gift registry at an upmarket and reputable department store and expect their more expensive range of wedding gifts to be unique, you might be in for a surprise. Look closely, handle it and you’ll feel that it has the quality of something that is mass-produced.

Escaping run-of-the-mill wedding gifts on your wedding day is easier than you might imagine. Resist the temptation of standard wedding gift ideas listed on an online wedding gift registry and do something bespoke with The Gift Collective. The Gift Collective enables you to request an exclusive, custom-made wedding gift that no one else in the world will ever own. A wedding gift that is as unique as you. And at The Gift Collective, that's exactly what we are passionate about.

Bespoke Wedding Present Ideas - Commissioned Artwork

No other wedding gift could be as unique as an original artwork sourced according to your personal taste. Do your research and find an artist you admire. Your choice might be guided by the medium and style they specialise in, like modern abstract or traditional watercolours, or perhaps you might be inspired by a particular movement or cultural style. Nothing can quite set your wedding apart like forming your own Gift Collective to acquire an original artwork, sculpture or print.

Bespoke Wedding Present Ideas - Engraved Watches

A stunningly handcrafted, luxury watch from a world-class watchmaker such as Patek Philippe or Rolex will last in the family for generations and be treasured by every owner. A priceless watch isn’t necessarily one-of-a-kind, but if you request a special engraving on the back for your birthday or your wedding, then it will be unique to you and your partner. Ask your guests for his and her versions through The Gift Collective and think about engraving a family crest, wedding date, names or a meaningful quote that is significant to your relationship. In Australia, consider sourcing your luxury timepieces from LK Boutique for your own luxury timepiece.

Bespoke Wedding Present Ideas - Personalised Tableware

Today, a lot of couples live together before marriage so will already own a set of tableware. However, if you would like to request special tableware for your new home, don’t settle for the standard table linen or silver cutlery available on an online wedding gift registry. Request tableware from a true artisan like Christofle.

Bespoke Wedding Present Ideas - Luxury Personalised Stationery

Handwritten letters and cards using ink on paper is sadly a dying art in the wake of the technology revolution. But there is still something wonderfully uplifting about receiving a note from a friend or family member in the post. It’s a surprise and a delight, and could look even lovelier on luxury, personalised stationery. Smythson of London designs bespoke stationery for you and your partner to your specific requirements using the finest materials. What better way to start your lives together than stationery that represents your home, family and values. And, of course, your guests will be the first to benefit with Thank You cards.

Bespoke Wedding Present Ideas – Customised Leather Weekend Travel Bags

Set off on your honeymoon in style with customised leather travel luggage engraved with your initials. Quality leather bags will last a lifetime and even ripen with age, because every trip you take together will add character. There’s nothing quite as beautiful to look at and touch as a worn leather bag that brings back memories of travel and adventure. Aspinal of London or Globe-Trotter offer personalisation services and if you’re taking on new initials, you couldn’t pick a better opportunity to begin using them.

Bespoke Wedding Present Ideas – Personalised Board Games

Today’s entertainment devices like game consoles might bring your family together in front of a screen, but they aren’t the same as classic, traditional board games like Monopoly or Pictionary. And while your standard Monopoly game might sound a little pedestrian to receive as a wedding gift, a bespoke version from Geoffrey Parker is anything but. At $8,500, this is the Rolls Royce version; handcrafted with sterling silver. It is extraordinary and certain to get friends talking and families bonding around the table at future gatherings.

A little online research into wedding gift ideas will uncover countless options for customised wedding gifts, ranging in price from the hundreds to the thousands. Remember, it’s your wedding day and a rare opportunity to indulge in the unique and exclusive to celebrate starting a new life together. And with The Gift Collective, arranging a custom-made wedding gift couldn’t be simpler.



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