How to Set up a Wedding Wishing Well

AUTHOR: Charles Roche

Go ‘online’ for your Wedding Wishing Well and avoid the ‘tacky birdcage or bucket’ at your Wedding! Here’s how:

  1. Can you see REAL examples? (Make sure it’s right for you!)

See ‘Featured’ events on the site to make sure it’s right for you. You want to see REAL events that are simple, easy and fun! It’s got to bring the whole Wedding to life by celebrating the couple, showcasing cool gifts and making it easy, fun - and meaningful - for guests to be a part of. Cool?

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  1. Get started with ONE click! (Click the ‘Create’ button below!)

Now that you’ve seen the end result, you know what you’re ‘creating’. You just need to be able to do that quickly and easily. It shouldn’t be complicated or make you over-think anything!

  1. The basics: Enter your Wedding Details 

Names, date and a short description. Simple! Just the basic details that appear on your ‘page’ for guests to know who they’re giving to - and when your Wedding is - of course!

  1. Add a Gift (or Gifts) that you’d Love to Get

An online Wedding Wishing Well gives you ultimate flexibility. What do you love? What are you passionate about? Where do you want to go on your Honeymoon, where are you staying, will you add flights… what about activities? Or will you add furniture pieces, an artwork or a cellar full of wine? Whatever your passion, list the name and a short description of your dream gifts.

  1. A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

Are you going on a Honeymoon to the Northern Lights, doing an American Road-Trip, sailing the Greek Islands or being a tourist in Tuscany?!! Bring your Wishing Well to life with photos! Select from the image gallery or upload your own to make your page as unique as you are.


  1. Make it Fun to Give! 

If you just ask guests for cash you won’t get as much as you could! Take your Wedding Wishing Well to the next level! Try our ‘Gift Puzzle’ feature to turn your dream gifts into jigsaw puzzles to make giving feel good for your guests! How? Because they can see what they’re giving you, it feels like a real gift and they love completing the puzzle by collaborating with others. 

  1. Guests Love Freedom - and Flexibility!

Add as many gifts as you like! Turn your Gifts into ‘Gift Puzzles’ with our easy-to-use ‘slider’ function to divide your gift, but just remember - choose lots of pieces!! The more pieces, the cheaper it is per piece. Guests love the flexibility to choose as many as they like, depending on their own budget. Plus, they don’t feel any pressure to have to spend a certain amount. Add different gifts such as wine, art, travel, homewares or experiences so that your guests have the freedom to choose what they want to give you. If they want to, it lets guests put some thought into their selection.

  1. Bonus Tip #1 - Gratitude goes a long way!

Be grateful! Definitely describe why you love something. But always include a comment that you’re grateful for any amount that your guests wish to give you towards it. Gratitude creates the “space” for guests to feel like what they are doing is voluntary, that it is a gift freely given.

  1. Bonus Tip #2 - What other people love…

If there’s one thing we wish we could tell all Brides - it’s this:

“People love what other people are passionate about!”

(That’s why sharing what you love - and why you love it - inspires guests put more money into your Wedding Wishing Well).

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