How to Choose a Wedding Wishing Well

AUTHOR: Charles Roche

Planning a Wedding Wishing Well? Here's a quick and easy 'checklist' to help you choose what's best for you.

  1. Know the Risks (Online is safer!)

Collecting large amounts of cash at your Wedding is a risk. A physical ‘wishing well’ (like a bucket or a bird cage) is not necessarily easier. Or safer. Sadly, not everyone in the world can be trusted. The last thing you (and your Bridal party) want to worry about is security at your Wedding. Areas open to the public, a table left unattended or casual wait staff for example, can all pose a risk of your wishing well money being stolen. Sad but true.

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  1. Choose Convenience (Forget the birdcage!)

The birdcage at your reception is a thing of the past! It won’t make you look good! Choose the ‘convenience’ of going online: is it easier for you? Is it easier for guests? If you’re a time-poor Bride, Online is simple and easy to set up, safe and secure. (Especially compared to the risk of your money being stolen at a Wedding venue.) 

  1. Trust is Important (Check the Reviews!)

An established, trustworthy Wedding Wishing Well site will have a ‘Reviews’ section (you can probably find it down the bottom of their Home Page). Check to see that they are real - and recent - reviews. If they’re too cheesy, they’re probably fake!

  1. Check the Costs! (Read the Fine Print!)

This applies to Costs for you. And for your Guests! Beware the “One-off Fee” to set-up, as this can end up being a big percentage of the final amount, depending on how much you raise. Also beware the ‘Fee-Free for your Guests’ as this is never what it seems. The fine-print will say that it only applies to certain methods of payment. And once they’ve got you in, they hit your guests with large transaction fees if they use Credit Card. Always read the fine print! Find a site that is open and honest and that only charges fixed percentage-based costs (it’s fair for everyone). Avoid sites that charge big ‘one-off’ fees (you just don’t need to pay that much out of your gift money!).

  1. Think about Guests (it’s not just money, it’s a Gift!)

It’s fine to ask for money. But it’s nice for guests to know what it’s for! An online site that lets you tell guests what you want the money for and lets you upload an image of what you’d like to spend the money on, is SOOO much better for guests! It saves them having to find and choose a physical gift, but it also lets them see what you want, where their money is going and makes them feel appreciated for their gift. That’s what makes ‘giving’ special. 

  1. Bonus Tip #1 - Test the Customer Support Email...

Brides first ask “Is it safe?” when they visit a Wedding Wishing Well site. If you’re still in doubt, a good, reputable site will have personal support in the form of a ‘Customer Care’ contact. Send an email and see if you get a personalized response. If you do, you know you’re in safe hands. You can trust them to take care of you. And your guests! 

  1. Bonus Tip #2 - A Little effort is worth it because...

"The more effort you put into your Wedding Wishing Well, the more money your guests put in!"

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