John & John: A Love Story

AUTHOR: Charles Roche

John and John take us aboard 'The Love Boat' 


for a truly great love story!




"John and I first noticed each other in 2007. At the time, we were both in relationships, so our glances towards each other were no more than fleeting and the possibility of a relationship together never crossed our minds.


It was only years later, on 4th December 2010, when we finally met and interacted with one another at a friend's pool party. The host thought we would be a great pair, so he invited us both and let fate take its hand. John and I smiled, chatted and laughed like we had known each other our entire lives. Meeting each other felt strangely positive and cathartic. After returning home that day, John called and asked me on a date. It was the start of a perfect relationship between two true soul mates.


The Proposal


We both love wine, so naturally a vintage bottle had to feature in our proposal. On a wonderful weekend away in the McLaren Vale, South Australia, we were dining at the famed Salopian Inn when I slipped downstairs to select a wine for dinner. 


John has collected every cork from every date night, restaurant visit and special occasion we have shared since the day we met; noting the date, occasion and place on every cork as a keepsake memento.


Unbeknownst to John, I had already pre-arranged a cork with two proposal rings on each end, and written on it "Will you marry me?" As the waitress uncorked and decanted the bottle, she sneakily switched the corks.. So when John naturally asked the waitress for the cork, which revealed my proposal - and he said yes, of course!


True Love


Despite the fact that same-sex marriage has not yet been legalised in Australia, John and I decided to pursue a ceremony and celebration. The most important factor is what our marriage means to us, our family and friends, and their validation makes it so much better than any legal or religious permission. We are married in our and their eyes and that is a blessing. 


So on 4 December 2016 - being the same date (the 4th) and the same day (a Sunday) that we met - we celebrated our 6 year anniversary by making our commitment for each other - solid, loud and forever! 


One day when Australia finally catches up with the rest of the world, we will register our marriage, and maybe even do it all over again! 


Celebrating in Style


We wanted something that was fun, friendly and not too formal as a reflection of our relationship and our light-hearted take on life. We decided to hold our Ceremony and Reception on a Sydney ferry, as the fable goes that a Ship Captain can marry you at sea!




It was extremely special having our dear friend, who is also a Ship Captain, officiate our commitment ceremony. It was a beautiful day cruising around Sydney Harbour with our families and closest friends. The boat dropped us at Ripples at Chowder Bay for the reception and then picked us up for more fun at the end before dropping us all back at Circular Quay. We could not have wished for a more perfect day!


A Gift of Lifelong Memories


We love to travel and recently discovered the joy and freedom of cruise life. We had already been on the Caribbean and Buenos Aires to Rio cruises, so the Mediterranean was next on the list. The dates for our honeymoon had been set for July 2017, where we will visit ports and cities including Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Venice, Mykonos and Santorini. 


The Gift Collective provided the perfect solution for our wedding guests could buy us a precious piece of our honeymoon adventure.


With the help of our loved ones, we now have an amazing holiday planned, which will provide lifelong memories for both John and I. 


A Moment to Remember!


I have to say, one element of our Wedding that really stands out out was our guests' comments about it! Many people said it was the best wedding they had ever been to! Even some of our very conservative family members and friends, (who probably never thought they would attend a same-sex wedding!) were impressed with our celebratory day of sun, sea, bubbles, fine food, fun, laughter and love..."




Thank you John and John for letting The Gift Collective be part 


of your very special story.




Images with the kind permission of Rod Spark Photography



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