Married in Mansfield: Erin and Zacharia's Country Wedding

AUTHOR: Charles Roche

We loved seeing Erin and Zachariah's fun Gift Puzzle come together for their European Honeymoon Adventure "by plane, boat, car, bike ...and Birkenstocks!" They even promised not to argue about who is the better physio! The setting for their Wedding was Erin's picturesque family property at Mansfield, in country Victoria. Guests gathered for an intimate evening of "chatting happily, dancing joyously and laughing freely..."



The Proposal


"While on a weekend hiking trip at Wilsons Promontory - located on the east coast of Victoria - we were standing on top of a giant sand dune overlooking the beach and mountains at sunset. It was a sight of sublime beauty when Zach got down on one knee and popped the question. The challenging hike through some tough terrain may have been complete, but our lifelong journey together was just beginning..."

The Wedding

"We desired a wedding that was low key and natural, something that would be an authentic reflection of our relationship and our selves. As long as our special day radiated warmth, joy and genuineness, then we were happy.


For this reason, we decided to get married on my parents' property in Mansfield. Zach and I both felt a natural and deep connection to this beautiful spot of land that boasted gorgeous landscape views of the foothills below." 


Erin and Zach walk arm in arm after the Wedding on the Erin's family property


"Our wedding was a fantastic collaborative effort that exuded warmth and love. The set-up and decorations were undertaken by a handful of family and friends, and together we created a marvellous event of which we all felt immensely proud."


A European Honeymoon

"Zach and I have been living together for a few years now. From pots and pans to linen and lamps, we had all the household necessities covered. So instead of traditional wedding gifts, we invited guests to share in the next stage of our adventure together. Using The Gift Collective, guests contributed to our much-anticipated trip to Europe, which we look forward to embarking on later this year.


Reading through the personal messages from our guests on The Gift Collective was also incredibly special, a keepsake that we will always treasure."



Our Memories

"The land, the tipis, the lights and the people! Mid-way through the night, Zach and I went for a walk - just the two of us. We looked back at the tipis filled with our loved ones chatting happily, dancing joyously and laughing freely. Seeing everyone so comfortable and happy in a family home that has special meaning for the both of us... it was an amazing sight!" 




Thank you Erin for sharing your beautiful story with us! We're thrilled to have been part of your incredible moment. Congratulations to you and Zach on your stunning Wedding. Enjoy your European Honeymoon Adventure! Love, The GC.


Special thanks to Georgia Verrells Photography 

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