Our Very Own Country Wedding of The Year

AUTHOR: Charles Roche

(Our Very Own...) Country Wedding of The Year!


Here at The GC, we do love chatting to Brides. Both in the lead-up to - and after, their Wedding. We're lucky we get to share in the moment. So it's always exciting to relive it. We often hear comments like: Yep, Best Ever!! Or, "It was definitely the Wedding of The Year!"



So when it comes to The GC's 'Wedding of the Year'... I can't go past my own!!



My beautiful wife Amanda looked stunning. All our families and friends were there, Bridesmaids looked beautiful, speeches were fantastic, the setting was simple but spectacular, the dance floor rocked and a wonderful celebration was had by all.


Amanda looking stunning in Lover The Label (Photo: Jonathan David Photography)


At The Gift Collective, we've been very fortunate to get to know great people working in the weddings and events space. These people have built fantastic brands with the same passion and commitment that we have. Having seen their superb work time and time again, we were thrilled to invite some of them to help us create the Wedding of our dreams. We really want to thank 3 of them in particular...


To set the scene, we (sort of!) had a theme for our Wedding:


  1. Feel - we just wanted it to feel like... "Us!"
  2. Family - all about family and friends... everyone in!
  3. Fun - chilled vibe, great fun ...a real celebration!


When there's a particular theme (a style and energy) that you're trying to create for your Wedding, then you want the right people who can help bring it to life. Our Wedding would not have been what it was without the help, style, talent, energy, passion (and good humour!) of these fellow story-lovers: 


Jono nailed it! He got "Us" ...and he used the natural elements to tell our story 


We'd love to thank: 


1) Jono: (Jonathan David Photography)
What an artist. Jono is all class. He shot the very first Wedding The Gift Collective was ever lucky enough to be a part of. One of the photos he took that day was, in a word - iconic. Amanda went on to fall in love with his work and we were so lucky Jono could be there to capture our special day.


I was surprised in the lead-up to the Wedding when Jono practically insisted that we meet with him - twice! Only half way through the second meeting (when Amanda was laughing and chatting away with him) I realised what he was up to: by making himself available and by just being a good guy, we felt we'd been friends for years... we'd become totally relaxed in his company. Genius!


The happier the Bride - the better the photos! 


That really shines through in Jono's work. I love the shots of the Bridal Party especially; everyone's chilled, laughing, having fun - hardly aware of Jono snapping away capturing the magic that he'd created, without anyone even knowing. 



Pip is everything you'd want in a marriage Celebrant - and more! 

Pip: (InLight Ceremonies

If you're looking for a Marriage Celebrant, Pip is pure grace and elegance. It was her attention to detail in drawing out, capturing and celebrating our love-story. Pip brings her own unique style - including some wonderful surprises - to achieve a fun, celebratory Service that was also moving in its power. As Amanda said:


Pip made the actual Marriage really personal - that's what made it so special. For me, it was the best part of the Day. 



 Great videography captures the essence of the location

Chloe: (Soda Films

Thank you Chloe, Antoine and the team from Soda Films, (the third of my favourite story-lovers).


We were married at Nimbo Fork Lodge, an idyllic setting on the banks of the Tumut River in country New South Wales. In Amanda's words:


Chloe was fantastic, I love how she captured the essence of the location. The video shows how magical a place it is and how special it was to be married under the trees by the river... the video captures how the setting shaped the whole Wedding.


Thanks Jono, Pip and Chloe for helping craft our perfect day.

 If you're curious about anything, I'd love to hear from you at charles@thegiftcollective.com

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