The Gift Collective & Ashley Pratt

Mar 17, 2016

AUTHOR: Sabine
Ashley Pratt


Ashley Pratt lives and breathes style. The temporary, ever evolving nature of interior styling is what she loves about her job as the senior stylist for Australian House & Garden, “creating a beautiful set in studio, getting that one great shot, tearing it down and starting again – it’s all part of the thrill”. But when translating this notion into the home, Ashley believes the finishing touches of your space should be layered upon over time. “Everything should have meaning and purpose and be a purchase that will add to your home and leave a nostalgic feeling in your heart.”


Interior Lounge Room


Texture is at the forefront of Ashley’s unique taste which she describes as “international”; a classic mix of European and American influence, with a cosy but luxurious feel. Use of natural fibres such as linen, timber, wool and sisal are reflected in all of Ashley’s work adding warmth and depth to her projects. From large scale room sets to still life details Ashley’s work is a constant reflection of this style.


Interior Lounge Room - Eagle


On top of her love of interiors Ashley’s passion for travel, beauty and lifestyle has given her a well-rounded scope on all things tasteful. Yearly trips to New York and Europe keep her on top of the latest trends in design and allow her to bring fresh ideas back to Australia.


Enter The Gift Collective.

We are excited to announce Ashley as our new Creative Director, where she will contribute a weekly post of a lifestyle nature. Ashley will focus on how to get the look of varying styles, highlight new international endeavours in design, pull together a monthly gift edit and forecast trends in the market. We are excited to have Ashley on board and hope this collaboration will bring our readers a little closer to the stylish lives they seek.


Interior - Dining


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All images courtesy of Australian House & Garden. Styling by Ashley Pratt. Photography by Maree Homer.