The Gift Collective Enables Your Wedding to be Meaningful, Fun and Elegant

AUTHOR: Allie Hartford

The Gift Collective is an innovative, contemporary platform for all gift occasions from christenings and 20th wedding anniversaries to Bar Mitzvahs and retirement occasions. However, there is one gift occasion that’s particularly perfect for The Gift Collective, weddings.

In the United States alone, there are 2.5 million weddings a year and the wedding industry has grown to an empire worth billions of dollars annually. And a recent Australian study had some interesting statistics:

  • 85% of weddings are millennial bride and grooms, born between 1979 - 2000
  • 21% have a household income of up to $150,000
  • 50% of couples dated for over three years before getting engaged
  • 79% of couples, globally, lived together before tying the knot
  • 65% of individuals getting married have a university tertiary education
  • 20% of these weddings have a budget between $31,000 and $95 000
  • 2% of weddings have a budget in excess of $97,000

When it comes to your Wedding Planner -

Some of the most noteworthy conclusions are that couples getting married overwhelmingly want professional wedding providers to have strong portfolios and personality. While it’s not essential that the Planner has worked with someone they know, they do want reliable, speedy contact. Important considerations are an up-to-date website and social media presence. Couples want weddings that reflect their own style and they want to take care of their wedding guests.

Where do Brides go for Information -

Plenty of media is consumed for wedding research and information and most of this is found online. 60% of couples (mostly brides) utilise Facebook for wedding-related activities; to find ideas, to get inspired and to get wedding planning advice. Half of the newly weds surveyed use these media platforms to daydream and deliberate on making those all important decisions. There is a lot more to consider with a wedding above all other celebrations or gift occasions, such as clothes, flowers, music and many other elements that are a part of the ceremony – like the reception, honeymoon, speeches, and so on.

What is most important to Brides - 

The findings detailed in the report tick all the boxes as to why The Gift Collective has become the meaningful, fun and elegant choice for wedding gift registries. And meaningful, fun and elegant are the three keywords that people choose above all others to get the wedding of their dreams. For bride and grooms though, it's not about the statistics. What matters most is the expectation, the reflection of their life spent together and the journey that will unfold. In other words, be yourself. Make your Wedding true to who you are and you want your married life to be about.

The bride and groom of today - 

The numbers show that most couples live together at the time of marriage and they have arranged their home and belongings to reflect their combined personalities and lifestyles. They are close to 30 and babies are just around the corner! Well-educated with stable incomes, they are stylish, sophisticated, comfortable and relaxed. The engagement has been announced and family and friends are anticipating a glorious ceremony to see the couple in love become formally united. The Gift Collective not only reflects the couple's taste and style, it’s about connecting guests with the bride and groom, both leading up-to and post wedding. It’s the offering of their own meaningful, fun and elegant wishes and capturing that in a gift to last a lifetime.

The Gift Collective; your meaningful, fun and elegant choice of Wedding Gift Registry.




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