The Gift Collective: It's A Matter of Gift Registry Style

AUTHOR: Allie Hartford

It’s the key components of The Gift Collective’s own philosophy when it comes to STYLE - that has brought this exciting new Gift Registry platform into the Wedding Registry spotlight. 

  1. The Style

  2. The Centrepiece

  3. The Collective

  4. The Celebration and the Memory

Style is not just colour and tone and light. Style is not just what's in the room. Style is the connection of all these elements to the individuals who inhabit the space. The Gift Collective is the pursuit of that aesthetic. Style is not therefore the traditional gift registry of small items that are just 'clutter'. The Gift Collective is the desire for true style. It provides for attaining the larger pieces or that one aspirational item that tells your story and captures who you are and your experience and your inspiration. If you're stylish and sophisticated then you're going to be inspired to celebrate it via The Gift Collective for your wedding.

The pursuit of the Centrepiece is now possible through The Gift Collective. It is the centrepiece that makes a room and makes a house a 'home'. It’s from the centrepiece that the rest of the room, and everything in it - takes its cue. The centrepiece is the style. Not the accessories around it. The accessories around the centrepiece should be refreshed with seasons for instance. For your Wedding Gift Registry, showcase your own great style by choosing a great centrepiece.

The Collective: Collaboration is in vogue; guests want to give you what you love. They want to give collectively too; they want to share with others in that process. Giving is a physical process to express a personal, emotional and human connection. This is heightened by the collective effort and interactive nature of The Gift Collective.

The Celebration and the Memory: The Gift Collective is about taste, elegance and simplicity in beautiful gifts that last. Taste, not waste. Your wedding is one of life's greatest celebrations and The Gift Collective is the embodiment of that.

If you've got true style, you've chosen a centrepiece that's iconic for you. You've formed your own collective and your guests have contributed their gifts in anticipation and excitement.Now it is time for celebration...

The artwork is now hanging in the lounge room, bringing back those special memories of your joy, the dancing and laughter of the wedding, as well as the emotions of your guests in sharing that celebration with you.

The Gift Collective is all about celebrating great occasions and creating great memories.


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