The Number One Rule of Wedding Planning

AUTHOR: Allie Hartford

Your Wedding. Your moment. Your time to shine!

Wedding Planning shouldn’t be so hectic… but it is! The ‘To-Do’ list is just endless, everyone’s got an opinion, everything seems to be way over budget… and all your hubby-to-be can say is: “Just let me know where and when - and I’ll make sure I’m there!” At this point you just want to scream!

By this stage, you’re completely “over it” - but it shouldn’t be like this!!


You Need to Keep It Simple!


With a few simple considerations, it’s possible to take much of the stress out of Wedding Planning… or at least some of the stress.

When it comes to decision-making around Wedding Planning, there’s just one important consideration: What has meaning for you? Or, put another way: Be True To Yourself.


Celebrate You!


What we mean by that is this (and it’s one of our core philosophies here at The Gift Collective): Your Wedding should celebrate the essence of you. It’s not about all the latest trends, being on point with all the elements that go into a Wedding; but rather, it’s about how these things relate to you, what they say about you, the story they tell about you.


If You Do, You’ll Make it Meaningful…


If you celebrate what has meaning for you - and you share that with your guests in your Wedding - then that will resonate emotionally with your guests. Then your guests will find your Wedding memorable because they were able to be a part of something; they will feel as though they connected emotionally with you by being part of a very important chapter in the unfolding story that is your life and your love.


Back to Your Gift Registry...


The same goes for your Wedding Registry. Your Registry is an opportunity to showcase your style, your taste; it’s another way for your guests to connect with your story and the vision you have for your life… whether it’s a luxury Honeymoon, a stunning artwork or a dining room table that you want to host all your friends around for fabulous dinner parties for years to come - whatever you decide to put on your Gift Registry is an opportunity to reveal something wonderful about yourself - while getting the Gift of a Lifetime that is only possible when your Collective share in making your dreams come true.


When you share the essence of you, you’ll create something meaningful, elegant - and fun! At the same time, you’ll inspire your guests and create a memorable experience for them, too.

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