The Written Rules of Wishing Well Wording

AUTHOR: Allie Hartford

5 Written Rules Of Wishing Well Wording

How To Craft Inspiring Wedding Wishing Well Wording

Planning your wedding day requires as much organisation as it does creativity. Colour schemes, hospitality, favours and of course…the dress. Every little detail has to be thought out and designed to your personal taste. And if you worry that you lack the necessary creative streak, you can always rely on the creativity of others to help bring your wedding day vision to life. But there is one important detail in the lead up to your big day that you probably shouldn’t get help with; something that must truly come from the heart as much as speeches or written wedding vows. It’s also something that you might have overlooked with everything else on your to-do list - the wording etiquette of your wedding wishing well.

The wedding wishing well has soared in popularity in the last decade. As the majority of modern couples co-habit before they marry, they already have everything they need to make a house a home. It’s a growing trend with no sign of abating and it’s eliminating the need for traditional guest gifts of bed linen, crockery and cutlery. Instead, modern couples are opting for a wedding wishing well to collect money for honeymoons, house deposits or even a charity they support. In the past, asking for money contributions on your wedding day was met with disapproval in western cultures; it was viewed as unsophisticated, uncivilised and in poor taste. Now with The Gift Collective, the wedding wishing well has been revolutionised and turned into a stunningly unique puzzle format.

With The Gift Collective, you will inspire your guests, rather than make them feel uncomfortable about asking for money. It gives your guests an insight into who you are and makes them feel like they have contributed to something worthy. This guide to the perfect wedding wishing well wording will help you delight your guests - while at the same time, letting you get something special for your big day.

Make it personal

The Internet is awash with wedding wishing well poems and prose. Try to avoid the temptation of a copy and paste job and make it personal to you with your own thoughts, emotions and feelings. Your guests want to feel a part of it. Tell them how much you value their contribution and why the gift is so close to your heart. If you lack the confidence of creating something yourself and want to rely on a wedding wishing well online resource, add a personal touch as an opening introduction or closing statement. Make it even more personal by including a statement from both you and your partner and the gift’s personal meaning to each of you as individuals as well as a couple. This is easy with The Gift Collective; just tell your guests why you've chosen the particular item - and what it means to you.

Tell a story

You might be surprised, but your guests will be curious to know why you have chosen the gift you have. If it’s for a honeymoon, tell them why you have chosen that location. If it’s for a charity, guests will be interested to know why you support it and what good work they do. And if it's for a new bed, or a new lounge or an artwork or whatever, it's so much more engaging for your guests if you share something personal. Just be yourself.

Humour can help

Humour can work as a written ice-breaker, helping to charm your guests. Keep it clean and innocent of course - leave anything risqué for the best man’s speech. Tell an amusing anecdote about the time you first met, how you came to the decision of the wedding gift and what you plan to do with it. It will give your guests some light-hearted insight into your relationship and your personality.

Think beyond the written word

With The Gift Collective, your dream gift is captured in a puzzle format for your guests to interact with and bring to life with every contribution, so try to find a rich and engaging picture of your chosen gift - as it makes your personal Registry page all the more sophisticated and elegant.

Give them an exit

Also, don't forget some guests will still want to give you a gift. Perhaps they already have something in mind that means something more to them. For these cases, you might want to provide your an out. For them (and for all your guests) let them know that gifts are not required, expected or needed – only appreciated.

In summary, you should follow these dos and don’ts for your wedding wishing well wording.


  • Create it yourself and make it personal
  • Use gentle humour
  • Tell them that a gift isn’t required
  • Remember to say Thank You afterwards
  • Use The Gift Collective to bring a special gift to life


  • Don't do things that will make your guests uncomfortable
  • Don't copy and paste wishing well poems from the Internet
  • Don't take gifts for granted

Your wedding wishing well wording requires a little taste and style. Personal stories, creative thinking and gentle humour will help craft something beautiful for your guests. And consider The Gift Collective - to create something as stylish and unique as you want your Wedding to be.

Daisy Dyson

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