Wedding Gifts for the Modern Couple

AUTHOR: Allie Hartford

Wedding Present Ideas For The Couple That Has It All

As one half of a professional modern couple, I’m fortunate enough to have it all when it comes to my home and lifestyle. We have a stylishly renovated pad in a suburb we love. Over the years we have collected some gorgeous feature fittings from our local up-cycle market and some eclectic soft furnishings to match. And we certainly couldn’t survive without our latest kitchen gadgets to help us cook our favourite Sunday brunches with friends. Our home is our haven, a sanctuary with a perfect blend of old meets new and vintage meets Vogue to match both of our personalities. We wouldn’t want to change a thing and we need nothing more. We came to this realisation when we finally started planning for our wedding a few weeks ago. Trawling through our to do list making decision after decision, we were stumped when we arrived at Wedding Gift Registry.

If we have it all, what wedding gifts can we request to help us mark the occasion?

Before the nineties, living together before marriage was frowned upon and wedding gifts were given to couples setting up home together for the first time. Traditional wedding gifts like bed linen, cutlery and crockery all served a real purpose. But in the last two decades, living together has become a norm. And because couples that live together probably have everything they need, the tradition of asking for practical wedding gifts is slowly being eliminated. Wedding gift registries help couples to ensure they don’t get more than one cutlery set. But even wedding gift registries are becoming an unnecessary and old-fashioned method of arranging wedding gifts. I don’t want my guests to waste their time or money on another designer salad bowl. It’ll take our kitchen from clean and tidy to ever so cluttered. The alternative wedding wishing well is always an option, but I still don’t know how I feel about asking guests for what seems like cold, hard cash when I’d rather remember the day with a tangible wedding gift on anniversaries to come.

This conundrum got me scouring the Internet for inspiring wedding present ideas for the modern couple that already has everything they need. Ie, us.

Wedding Gift Ideas - Artwork

An exquisite piece of art, be it commissioned, sculpted or painted, will last a lifetime. However, if you have particular tastes, you’ll need to provide guests with guidance on the type of artwork you will treasure forever. This could be complicated. Even artists you admire will display different styles in every creation. There’s also the bigger question of cost. Quality artists don’t come at a small price, so it could be presumptuous – verging on outrageous – to ask individuals to spend a car-sized fortune on you. Of course, using the guest collaboration power of The Gift Collective would eliminate this problem.

Wedding Gift Ideas - Hotel And Club Memberships

Luxury hotel, spa or club memberships provide newlyweds with a perfect excuse to relive their honeymoon and spend time relaxing together in years to come.

Mr and Mrs Smith is a luxury boutique hotel members club with beautiful resorts all over the world. You can select a private beach paradise in Bora Bora to a stunning ski chalet in Switzerland. As a member, you have access to a range of complimentary extras, upgrades and gifts. With Gold card membership, travel concierges will take care of everything during your stay, including restaurant and theatre bookings. They’ll even arrange for your home to be taken care – including looking after your pets and watering your plants.

Wedding Gift Ideas - Honeymoon Experiences

If you don’t want to ask guests for money towards your honeymoon, you could ask them for an exclusive experience at your destination. Unforgettable wedding present ideas like helicopter rides, hot air balloons, super yacht tours or cookery courses will make memories with your loved one that last a lifetime.

Full Moon Celebration at The Oberoi, Bali

Experience dinner under the stars with your toes in the sand at the breathtaking Oberoi resort in Bali. In traditional dress, you’ll receive a blessing by a Hindu priest and be serenaded by Balinese musicians with recitals in Sanskrit.

Island Hopping By Air, Maldives

The Maldives is made up of hundreds of coral islands, many of which you can visit by boat. Instead, ask your guests for an upgrade to a seaplane island adventure. The One & Only Reethi Rah resort is the pinnacle of paradise luxury and can arrange your seaplane adventure for you.

Hot Air Ballooning, Paris

See the world’s most romantic city from above as your sip French champagne and soar over the magnificent Paris skyline. A once-in-a-lifetime experience for those who adore wide vistas and dizzy heights.

Wedding Gift Ideas - Local Experiences

If you’d rather spend time basking on the sand in the sun, or visiting ancient landmarks in your honeymoon destination, save the exclusive experience for when you return. It will give you something else to look forward to and banish those post-honeymoon blues.

Cape Lodge, Western Australia

The luxury Cape Lodge Gourmet Retreat and Cookery School in Western Australia provides gourmet cooking classes in their world-class resort. Perfect for foodies and wine-lovers.

Claridges, London

Nothing says elegance, sophistication and fine dining quite like Claridges of London, once home to chef Gordon Ramsay. You’ll experience a taste of world-class cooking and discover the secrets behind one of the world’s most famous kitchens.

There is an abundance of wedding gifts to choose from that don't have to be stored in a kitchen drawer at the back of a cupboard. And The Gift Collective can help you decide whether you want your wedding day to be enshrined in a painting on a wall or in experiences etched on your memory. With all of these options, my decision on what wedding gift to request is even harder than before.

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