What is a Wedding Wishing Well?

AUTHOR: Charles Roche

A Wedding Wishing Well is the modern gift-giving solution. Here's all you need to know about this latest trend!

  1. A “Wishing Well” is a ‘fancy’ Donation Box! 

Quite simply, a ‘Wishing Well’ is a bucket, basket or box for wedding guests to place envelopes of cash into, instead of giving a physical wedding present. It’s generally placed somewhere at the Wedding reception and may be adorned with flowers or colors that match other decorations. Couples ask for money instead of traditional physical gifts.

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  1. A Wishing Well replaces old-fashioned methods.

Couples traditionally were gratefully for anything they were given. Only after ‘duplication’ of gifts became common was the concept of a ‘Gift Registry’ born. With a ‘Registry’ or ‘list’ of items, guests would know what had already been bought and couples wouldn’t end up with lots of the same thing. Now however, any gift based around ‘setting up a home’ just doesn’t apply.

  1. It helps couples who don’t need (or want) anything!

Up to 80% of couples world-wide now live together before getting married. They may also be older, have children or getting married for a second time. In such cases, traditional wedding gifts are not needed, or even wanted. A Wishing Well helps couples enjoy experiences like honeymoon travel - and not end up with a cupboard full of silver platters. 

  1. The Dos and Don’ts for Brides and Grooms

An explanation - and a bit of gratitude - goes a long way. Couples need to remember why guests want to give a gift in the first place. It’s an expression of what their relationship with you means. When they are asked for money instead of a physical gift, guests may feel like you are asking them to cover the cost of their food and drink! Instead, explain what you hope to do with the money. And remember to express gratitude for having them in your lives, for having them attend the celebration - and for any gift they may give you. 

  1. Go Online for the modern Wishing Well solution.

In the modern world, certain Wishing Well “websites” now allow couples and their guests a safe and convenient means to give and receive cash gifts - without sacrificing the niceties of traditional gift-giving. It’s important to pick the right online Wishing Well site however! Pick the wrong one that looks cheap and tacky and it will reflect poorly on you as the couple! You don’t want it to look like a cash-grab!

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How to Choose a Wishing Well