What to Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

AUTHOR: Allie Hartford

Planning Your Wedding? Some Tips on What Not To Do for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

The billion-dollar wedding industry has never been bigger and the resources available to help us plan it have never been richer. And while a world of wedding inspiration at our fingertips makes the coordination much easier in most ways, in other ways it makes it much harder. When you’re faced with so many opinions and choices, making a decision can be really difficult. How do you know you’re making the right choices?

To help you make those big decisions for your wedding day, from your dress to your menu, we’ve pulled together a tidy list of everything you shouldn’t do at each stage of Planning your Wedding. A process of elimination is sometimes the most effective method of finding out exactly what you want!

What To Avoid: Invitations

If you want bespoke, don't go digital In the online age, modern couples may choose to send digital invitations over traditional paper and ink. That can be fine, but just don't expect something too unique. Unless you have incredibly talented web animators, most attempts will fail to deliver a beautiful, bespoke and sophisticated invitation. Simplicity is key when it comes to design, and nothing can compare to the feeling of an elegant, quality card invitation that you can treasure forever.

Don’t forget a Save The Date A Save the Date is crucial to ensuring the most important friends and family members can prepare their calendar in advance. Sending a Save the Date will help your family and friends make plans, even if yours aren’t concrete just yet. And, because a Save the Date is almost as important as your wedding invites, make sure it uses the same – or at least similar - theme. It will be the very first impression you make on your guests.

What To Avoid: Wedding Dresses

Don’t invite the whole cast of friends Take too many friends dress shopping and you won’t make a decision for months. Select two people whose opinions you truly value.

Don’t buy for the future you If you’re dieting for your big day, don’t buy for your aim weight. If you don’t reach your weight loss goal, it’s much harder to make a tight dress fit. Buy for your current size and take it in closer to the date at a recommended seamstress.

What To Avoid: Venues

Don’t pick a one trick pony If you’ve fallen in love with a venue for its' incredible beach views, make sure it has something else to offer in case the view gets obscured. Weather is unpredictable and you must always have a Plan B. Ensure you’re happy with other areas of your venue should the worst weather scenario eventuate.

Don’t crumble under pressure Wedding venues are fully aware of the power they have over couples that are desperate for perfection and they will take advantage. Remain focused on exactly what you want at what cost and don't let any venue coordinator rush you into a decision with thinly veiled threats that suggest you might lose your booking.

What To Avoid: Menus

Don’t broadcast the menu plan Everyone has an opinion on food and will love to share it with you – welcome or not. Send out a request for dietary requirements along with your wedding invitations and leave it at that. If you invite insiders to provide their take on the culinary specifics you will literally have a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth.

Don’t dream of having an off site caterer Nothing says poor taste like a reheated meal for your special guests on the most important day of your life. Spend more on a reputable caterer who will prepare your meals on site using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Your guests, your taste buds and your reputation will thank you for it.

What To Avoid: Music

Don’t make it personal Your taste in music is very personal to you - what you love, others will hate. Don’t forget that while this your special day – you are a host and you have to ensure that your guests are having the time of their lives too. Your reception should have a variety of music genres to cater to all tastes and all age brackets.

What To Avoid: Wedding Gifts

Don’t get a wedding wishing well Wedding wishing wells might be growing in popularity but that doesn’t make them right. Traditional wedding etiquette still disapproves of giving money to couples on their wedding day, even in the guise of a wedding wishing well. It will spoil the elegance of your special day and make your guests feel uncomfortable - breaking the first rule of being the perfect host.

Stay classy! You've got everything right - don't spoil it now with a tacky poem and a wishing well!

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