A Wishing Well of Words for a Wishing Well Occasion

AUTHOR: Allie Hartford

So you’re having a wishing well for your gift occasion, such as a wedding, and you want to craft the words in a way that everyone invited is happy to contribute. You are searching the Internet to get guidance on wishing well wording, even entertaining the idea of a wishing well poem. Well, you have landed in the right place. The Gift Collective was created to solve this problem and make it mutually acceptable to ask, receive and give wishing well gifts. Gifts limited only by your imagination. 

Did you know that browser searches conducted on the Internet around wishing well gift occasions occur by the thousands per day? That’s because up to 60% of weddings alone have wishing wells. A wedding wishing well is an online or offline donation box that is gaining popularity, particularly among bridal couples, who have often lived together before marrying, or who have been previously married, and do not need any of the traditional wedding gifts. They are also found at showers to collect monetary gifts for the guests of honour. This situation probably sounds very familiar.

So you have all the “stuff” and you want money for the wedding gift, money to spend on an extravagant holiday, your dream honeymoon. Perhaps you want that single centrepiece for the home, a gift that becomes the celebration of memory, a lasting style reflecting this momentous life event shared with your closest family and friends. To obtain this desirable destination or object, you need your family and friends to contribute through a wishing well. Unfortunately in many western cultures, gift registries, wedding gifts and wedding gift ideas based on the wishing well concept, are not widely accepted. Hence, the plethora of people out there, like yourself, trying to formulate a wishing well of words so that your request is accepted by your dearest.  The Gift Collective makes this happen for you.

The Gift Collective provides a socially acceptable mechanism to attain that one aspirational item. That one item that makes the ultimate statement on the character of the gift receiver or couple. The one gift that creates a sense of home, a haven in which the bridal couple will live, laugh, entertain and relax. The Gift Collective provides the most beautiful, luxurious and personal gifting experience for all gift occasions. We make it possible for you to give and receive the world’s most personal and seemingly unattainable gifts, by simply getting your family or friends together.

It doesn’t have to be a wedding either. The Gift Collective is used for baptism gifts, engagement presents, bridal shower gift occasions, Fathers’ Day gifts, 50th wedding anniversaries and much more. We connect gift receivers and givers in a way that is not only socially acceptable but intimate too. Your gift contributors can hand you a piece of the gift, in its virtual format, representing everything physical about the event, along with the relationship you share with the individual who is happy to contribute towards what you ultimately desire.

In western cultures, gifts are traditionally wrapped and accompanied by a gift message which notes the occasion, the recipient's name, and the giver's name. The Gift Collective makes this happen, ensuring that the expression of love or friendship is maintained. An expression of gratitude for a gift received, an expression of piety, in the form of charity, an expression of solidarity, in the form of mutual aid, to share wealth or to even offset misfortune.

No wishing well poem is needed with The Gift Collective, because you can now express your desires and aspiration with reciprocity. We trust that you will enjoy the power of the collective as collaboration is intrinsically great; guests want to contribute collectively and they want to share with others in that process.  Giving is a physical process that expresses a personal, emotional and human connection. Through The Gift Collective, this has now become heightened by the collective effort and interactive nature of helping complete a gift occasion and enabling ones dreams to come true.

Wishing wells are no longer a deliberation of could we, should we and how will we word this? Will our guests willingly accept the notion of giving money and will they support what we plan to do with the cash they contribute? The traditional approach is opaque and archaic. You can now choose your gift(s), from anywhere in the world. And unlike most gift registries, we do not present you with a list of items from which you must choose. We believe in giving you the freedom to select the gift or gifts you love, from your favourite stores or brands, whatever or wherever they may be.

Set up your gift occasion or tell a story about your gift occasion - such as how you met your fiancé - and upload a photo of your gifts. Our website works its magic!

We hope you enjoy what we have created for you, the novel game element introduced to gift giving. Our purpose has been to overcome the boundary of social acceptability to collaborative gift giving. Enjoy gift occasions, enjoy giving, enjoy receiving, enjoy generosity and enjoy the extravagance of The Gift Collective.

Daisy Dyson



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