Any Questions?

So why should I use The Gift Collective? It's Your Moment, Your Style. Now there's a cool way to get the gifts you want! For any event, inspire your guests with your story and what your gift means. Your guests love giving the perfect gift for you. I want my Occasion to be personal. Can I have my own Page and URL? Our aim in everything we do is to celebrate you. Your Occasion is unique. Your Registry Page should be too… When you sign up, choose your own unique web-link for your bespoke page. I want my Occasion to feel unique. What else can I do? What’s memorable in any Occasion are the moments when you share and celebrate your own spirit // style // story. The gifts you choose, and the way you describe what they mean to you creates a Registry truly unique to you. The way it should be. I have a few Gifts in mind. How many Gift Puzzles should I have? We believe that the Occasions of a Lifetime deserve gifts of a Lifetime. Choose what’s most meaningful, choose gifts that you’ll always treasure as a special reminder. That might be just one gift or it might be a selection; it’s up to you. I don’t want my guests to feel pressured. How much should each piece of the Gift Puzzle be? For any Occasion, your guests love the freedom to choose. As a rule: Always create your Gift Puzzles with lots of pieces at less money per piece. Then your guests can choose as many pieces as they like in accordance with how much they wish to spend. How much to people give as gifts? How much should my Gift Puzzle pieces be worth? For any Event, just consider what you would normally spend on a gift? A Baby Shower ($40?) or a Birthday ($50?) or a Wedding (say $50, $150 - or ?)... and then times that by the number of people (or couples) you’re inviting to get the total - easy! I know my guests will want to write a special message. Will they be able to do that? Your guests will definitely want to write you a Card to go with their gift. They can write a private Card, but most guests post their messages on your Page. It's exciting as puzzle pieces come together and everyone gets involved!! I will want to keep all of my Gift Cards. Will I get a copy of them all? Yes! (Guests can write you a "Card" online when they give you a gift...) You can access a complete list at any time, you’ll be notified of gift purchases and Cards - and after your Event you a complete list which is a great reminder of the moment!! I want to write Thank You Notes. Will I get a list of who has given what Gift? The little things are important. Guests want to be recognised for their special gift. We make being able to thank people for their individual gifts easy by setting out who has given you what gifts. (It's attention to detail and elegance in all things!). How much does it cost to Create an Occasion? For a limited time, we are offering FREE withdrawals! That's 0% cost to you! (So the ONLY cost is a service-charge of 3% for guests at checkout) I love the Puzzle concept! Does it matter if my Gift Puzzle isn’t completed? Or what if it gets completed too early? Don’t worry if your Gift Puzzle doesn’t get completed! You will receive all of your gift amounts, no matter how many pieces end up being bought. But if your Gift Puzzle is completed earlier than thought, you can always add another, anytime. Will I be able to see how much I’ve raised? Yes. Log in to your Dashboard at any time for an update. And you’ll be notified every time a gift comes in - the amount of the gift, and the total raised so far. It’s a real buzz every time an email comes in saying you've just got another gift!! I might change my mind! Can I change my Gift Puzzles?! Or add more? Yes! In the planning stages, you might change your mind - and you probably will! So you can add, remove or otherwise edit your Gifts and your Page at any time. They’re only set once guests start buying pieces of the puzzle.
Can I buy more than one Gift Puzzle™ piece at a time? Absolutely you can! That’s what’s so great about The Gift Collective – everyone has the freedom to choose how many Gift Puzzle pieces they want to buy, according to their budget, but everyone can still be a part of giving that dream gift. What payment methods do you accept? We accept credit card and direct debit card payments from Visa and Master Card processed through the Stripe Payment Gateway. Stripe is used by millions of people and is the safe, secure way to send money from anywhere in the world. How much will it cost me to purchase a piece of a Gift Puzzle™? We only have a 3% processing fee to cover our operational costs. So, every $100 you gift you would just be changed an extra $3, as little as that. Are my funds secure? Our site has industrial SSL encryption and all transactions are processed via Stripe Payment Gateway with its own online encryption software, so that customer privacy and security is absolutely the safest it can possibly be.