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How does it work, do I enter my bank details somewhere? Yes! When "publishing" your event, the last step is entering your bank account details. You need to enter your bank details to start receiving cash gifts. When does my money get paid out? We offer FREE and UNLIMITED Pay Outs! Once gifts start to roll in, we offer free weekly transfers. You'll have your own dedicated Customer Care person who will take care of everything for you. We get it. They're your gifts. It's your money. We get it to you as soon as we can and as often as you like! Where does the money go? We process and collect all payments. Your gift money is securely held in an account designated just for you. We use Stripe to do this. Safe, encrypted, secure payment processing. Why does it ask for my mailing address? This is for security. That means it is for your own protection! We run an in-built set of security checks to keep our system safe for all our customers. ID verification is part of that... and it keeps the bad guys away. Can I change my bank account details? Yes. That is something we have to assist you with personally however, just to ensure ultra-security. If you'd like to change your bank account, please get in touch and our Customer Care will be happy to assist. How long will my Event stay open? We only close an Event when you tell us to! While we normally close Events 7 to 14 days after, this varies according to your wishes, and we are always happy to oblige. How do I close my Event? When logged in and looking at your Event (in the 'My Account' section) you can click on the 'Close Event' button. We will then confirm account closure once you have received all your gift money and all your well-wishes fro friends and family.