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What makes a good Gift page? Simply listing what you want is enough! TIP: Create an extra-special experience for guests by sharing a little insight into what the gift means, the story behind it, why you're passionate about it. That's what inspires guests to give ...and to give more! How many Gift Puzzles should I have? As many as you like! 3 to 5 Gift Puzzles is about average. They combine to tell a story and guests enjoy having a range to choose from. You might like some smaller items so a guest may purchase the whole puzzle... or you may like larger Gift Puzzles with lots of pieces that really inspires the spirit of collaboration. How much should each Puzzle piece be? TIP: Give your guests freedom and flexibility to choose how much they want to give!! The lower the amount per piece, the better! For example, 100 pieces at $25 each is better than 25 pieces at $100 each. It just is! Does the Gift Puzzle thing work? Yes! Your friends and family know it's way better to form a "collective" to give you what you really want (...rather than giving you lots of little things you don't want). But you can't just ask for money. It's not right! That's why we use Gift Puzzles as a way for you to share your passion - i.e what the gift is called, what it looks like, what it means to you. When a guest buys a piece of the puzzle, they connect to you - and your passion. It's what giving was meant to be. Can I add more Gift Puzzles? Yes. Log in to edit your Event page any time. You can add more gifts, change the image, gift title or gift description. You can even change the amount of a gift (just so long as a piece is yet to be purchased!). Can I have my own link? Yes! You can customize your own personal URL. You'll see that when you come to "Create" your Event :) Can I change the amount of each piece? Yes. You can log in any time and change the total amount of the gift - or - adjust the number of pieces to vary the amount of each piece. The Gift Puzzle gets "locked in" only when a piece is purchased. Which means you can't vary the price settings after that.