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How do I Create an Event? TIP: Want to know how much money you could get first?! Now you can find out with our 'Calculator' (at bottom of your screen). To go ahead and Create your Event, simply: 1) Click on 'Create' at the top of your screen 2) Enter the name (or names) of who's getting the gifts, and 3) Voila! Your is Event is created! You will see your Event with your 'Dashboard' at the top (so you can change Event details, or change and add as many gifts as you like! How much could I get? Try our 'Calculator' (at the bottom of your screen) to find out how much you could raise! The results may surprise you... Do you transfer the money or the gift? Glad you asked! Your guests buy puzzle pieces as gifts. We process all payments and transfer the money to you. We don't handle gifts. We leave that to you to source the actual gift. Now you've got the money, it's easy to get the gift you want. What happens if a Gift Puzzle doesn't get completed? The aim is to raise a certain amount to cover the cost of each gift you want. Your guests love "putting the pieces together" to complete each Gift Puzzle. All money received gets transferred to you! Therefore an "incomplete" Gift Puzzle doesn't diminish each individual gift that's been given.