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Why are you different to all the others? Our mission is to make passion happen! Unlike any other site, The Gift Collective inspires you to follow freedom, to chase your dreams, to choose the gifts you're most passionate about. "Any gift, from anywhere" is in our DNA. Why? Because people love to give you the gifts you're passionate about!! How are you different to all the others? All gifts aspire to be something. That's why we turn dream gifts (think expensive, big-ticket items like luxury gifts and travel) into jigsaw puzzles!! (We call them "Gift Puzzles"). We turn dream gifts into Gift Puzzles so friends can buy pieces... and each piece is both a special individual gift as well as being part of something more. Have you done this before? Millions of dollars' worth of puzzle pieces can't be wrong. Since 2014, we've connected tens of thousands of passionate people with who they love and what they love. Every puzzle piece is not just a gift, it's a powerful connection. All over the world since 2014, we've been celebrating milestone events and turning moments into memories with awesome gifts.