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What will it cost me to use? Zero. Zip. Nothing! For a limited time, we're offering our service completely FREE to you. That's right, there's no cost at all for you to receive cash gifts. How do your Costs compare? We offer the best, personalised service at the cheapest cost. Competitors use tricks like "Fee Free" to mask high credit-card processing fees, because the "fee free" only applies to payment systems no-one uses. Competitors charge a $150 "one off" cost on top. We don't. When compared to our competitors, the average bride saves over $300 by using The Gift Collective! Is there a Free Trial? Yes. You're welcome to trial our service, free of charge. Try listing an event and adding some gifts to see how it works! You don't even need to set up an account. If you decide to save your page, just create an account. That's free too! What will it cost my guests? We believe in simple, honest, transparent pricing. So while we are offering our service FREE for people to receive gifts, there is a small processing fee applied at checkout, when when a gift is given. That fee is just 3%. If a friend gives you $40, they will be charged $41.20 and you get exactly $40!