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Can my guests write a message, like on a "virtual card"? Yes. When it comes to giving a gift, a virtual card, or "well-wishes" are so important. Guests can choose whether to have their well-wishes displayed, or they can choose for it to be only seen by you. Can I tell who gave what gift? Yes. Simply log in and go to your Account page where you can see a full list of who gave what gift. (It's a big help if you want to do Thank You notes!) Can I get a copy of all my "Well-Wishes"? Absolutely! You'll get notified by email when a gift purchase is made, you can access a complete list any time when you log in, and after your Event we'll even send you a final list of all your Well-Wishes as a lovely keepsake!! Will people be able to see how much other people give? No, not really. Guests generally choose lots of pieces from different Gift Puzzles, so it is very difficult to work out what each person has given. Guests have the option to keep their messages private, which is another way to prevent others from knowing how much they decided to give.