The Gift Collective

Our story

When Charles was getting married, the 'To Do' list he was given was very short. All it said was "Gifts?" ...and so the story begins! In his words: "It was really frustrating... we already had a house, we didn't need anything, we didn't want more stuff. It's not like it's 1950, right! There was no easy and classy way to bring everyone together... But if we could inspire friends and family to collaborate then maybe if

It's what gift giving should be. Simple and stylish. Love what you want. Get what you love. Connect with the ones you love.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We're inspired to deliver you the perfect gift - one you will love and never forget.

Our Mission

To inspire you to choose your perfect gift, to unite the love of friends and family who contribute together, and to create gifts that are cherished forever.

Our Values and Beliefs

The Beautiful: Every gift can be perfect.

The Bespoke: We’re all unique, your gift should be too.

The Belonging: The power of together makes giving, and gifts - better.

The Gift Collective: Connecting people and sharing their love.