The Gift Collective

Our story

Our Mission

Here at The Gift Collective, we're inspired by a simple vision: to make passion happen. Which means we're on a mission: to connect people with what they love - and who they love. Why? “Because people love what other people are passionate about.”

The Gift Collective is the simple, easy and fun way to give and receive larger, more luxury gifts that people really want. Think luxury travel and food + wine experiences, birthday bucket-list adventures to baby shower must-haves, works of art to one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces and beautiful homewares. Any gift, from anywhere. For any milestone event.

What we've built: we went back to capture the magic that is the feeling of giving. We're using technology to put that magic into modern gift-giving. That's how we created a better way to give, so that now people can get better gifts. Be a part of our revolution. All it takes is just another piece of the puzzle.

How it all began

Charles was getting married; “Of all the things on our 'to do' list, we kept getting stuck on what to do about Gifts. It was really frustrating... we still wanted to travel, we didn't want more 'stuff' - it's not like it's 1950, right - we had what we needed! There was no decent way to bring people together around the gifts we really wanted. Everything just looked cheap…”

What was it we really wanted?

The only choice we had was either an out-of-date “gift registry” from a department-store - or any number of cheap wishing-well websites that screamed give me money!...

For us, our wedding was a chance to tell our story, to share our passions around the interests that brought us together and the life we want to live... We felt our wedding was a chance to celebrate with all the people that we felt lucky to have in our lives. We knew they'd want to give us a gift. And yes, that means they'd spend money to purchase a gift for us. Those people are important to us. So are their gifts.

The Gift Collective is born

“I get to paint my own canvas” No, that's not a Steve Jobs quote. It actually comes from Warren Buffett. But anyway, the point is you don't need to be a billionaire to “paint your own canvas.” What we're passionate about is inspiring you to paint your own canvas. This is your moment. Celebrate your own style. Share your spirit. Now more than ever, in this moment, you should be free to do gifts your way. The best gifts you could get are the things you love the most. The funny thing is, the best gift your friends could give you are the things you love the most.

Who we are

We're romantics. Dreamers. Passionate Story-tellers. We're filled with wonderment as we observe the world and the people in it. We believe everyone has a story. We're easy-smilers and moment-capturers. We piece together fragments of story, solve puzzles of passion, weave together the threads of experience and gifts of wisdom. We're freedom-followers, we style things our way, we love the written word but let our spirits sing when words won't do. That's the feeling that inspires us. It's called giving. We are The Gift Collective.

From the earth (“People + Place + Planet”)

From Australia to Argentina to Switzerland and New Zealand - The Gift Collective was raised in the country, but we're working in the town (Sydney, Australia). Like all good things, The Gift Collective is from the earth. Same as our tribe. Our tribe come to us to celebrate “people + place + planet” in their own way. Each “gift puzzle” is about people: bringing those who have been part of your story together and inviting them to take your story forward … each “gift puzzle” captures place: the energy and excitement in the moment that you and your friends come together in celebration… and each “gift puzzle” is for the earth, for the planet: because less is more. These are our values. These are our tribe's values. It's not a tagline. It's what we do.

Join our Tribe

Ours is a small tribe who holds dear 'people + place + planet.' We're growing as our members gather other like-minded souls around us who also want to get gifts that matter and give gifts with meaning. Joining our tribe is simple. It comes down to these 3 things:

  1. Be bold: you have to know what you want!
  2. Be passionate: it's your passion that others connect with!
  3. Be grateful: it's gratitude that makes giving meaningful!